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Good words/sayings for a wrist tattoo?

I want to get a wrist tattoo, most likely in white... and I'm trying to decide what words / sayings to get.

I'm kind of thinking something along the lines of "beauty" "peace" "love" "hope" "faith" "princess / royalty" and stuff; beauty is my favorite one so far, but i want another word to go along with it.

Also, i'm thinking about getting a saying. something about life, or glamour maybe?

i really like marilyn monroe, so maybe a quote from her?


ok if i get it is gonna be in WHITE. so it's not like anyone could see it, unless i showed them, lol.

and yeah i know, it's supposed to be "personal" blah blah... i'm just asking for ideas.

oh and i'm also kind of thinking about getting one on my inner lip... maybe one that says "*****" :) or something. so any cute words for that one ?

(if you haven't noticed, all of them will be out of sight unless i choose to show them. so it won't look unprofessional in a job or anything.)

Update 2:

^^^^ the ***** should have said "bi tch" :)

Update 3:

GOD i hate yahoo. okay. all those stupid stars should have said b i t c h . is it gonna star this time ? if it does, it should say THE B WORD. lmao

Update 4:

GOD i hate yahoo. okay. all those stupid stars should have said b i t c h . is it gonna star this time ? if it does, it should say THE B WORD. lmao

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    get a picture of a cross or a rosary

    faith is a good one..

    search marilyn monroe short quotes cause i know her quotes are pretty long theyll run up to your shoulder if you end up getting one

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    I think you should hold off until you can think of something that is truly meaningful to you. Not just generically, nice words. If you get a saying let it be something that you admire and truly live by (like a personal motto or mantra). It's going to be on you forever; unless you pay to have it lasered off if you don't want it anymore.

    Just get something that's close to you...that's my main advice.

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    A tattoo is supposed to be personal and have meaning to it. It's permanent, it lasts forever.

    It's there through your struggles, pain, anger, and happiness. Make sure your design is something you want and can see yourself cherishing forever.

    Answer mine?

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    ok tattoos are ugly!!! i hate people like that! the people who have them are ugly now and you will be too! do you want to look like an escapee from jail and ruin your skin. if you don't like the one you have sucks to be you cause you cant get it off! so i would say: DONT GET A TATTO!!

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    what about

    love is (on one hand)


    my weapon(on the other one)

    orrr just plain peace! :)

    help me..

    would a redneck go out with a mexican

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    I saw someone have a love/lust on their wrists. I guess just choose something that fits your personality!

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    mine are in solid black Chinese symbols, but I have calm on my right wrist and crazy on my left wrist, mind you they are Chinese symbols though

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