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If Danica Patrick starts Nascar racing, would it be nice to shoot her the bird like Logano's dad did Biffle?

If a woman was racing. The bad boys would have to watch their mouths and their fingers lol. right?

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    If she's racing with the guys, she's going to have to realize how guys really are. But if she gets a ride over someone who deserves it (meaning someone who can drive over her publicity stunt factor), I'll be the first one in line to give her the finger.

  • Everyone looses their temper every now and then. We know and we try to understand every ones point of view. Even women can pull some pretty good crap! I could be wrong, but Danica has been racing long enough that I'm sure she's seen her share of fingers!

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I would have loved to have been a fly on the window of Biffle's car when Joey's dad showed up! I can only imagine how steamed the guy was AND it being so close to when Joey had that bad wreck....... His dad may have reacted differently if "the wreck" had not happened.

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    Logano's dad shot Biffle 'the bird'?! I may be a fan of 'Da Biff' but I have to laugh at that.

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    The last woman that raced in NASCAR's top division competed in 2002. What was the reaction of that?

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  • saq428
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    1 decade ago

    You can shoot her the bird as she consistently places better than Junior on a weekly basis.

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