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Core 2 Quad (Yorkfield) price drops?

I'm thinking about upgrading the CPU in an HP Pavilion Elite m9340-f. The computer was purchased in June 2008 and is all stock. I'm thinking about upgrading the CPU and RAM. We can wait for now, but I want to get the parts purchased before the C2Qs are discontinued and the DDR2 800 price goes up (just like the original DDR did a few years ago). I plan to upgrade to a Yorkfield CPU. Do you know when they are going to be discontinued? Intel plans to release the Clarkdales in Q1 2010 and is keeping Yorkfield as a transitional family until then. I think the Yorkfields might be discontinued after that. Can anyone confirm this?


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    The price of memory will not be going up, and the Yorkfield processors aren't going to be discontinued until sometime in Q2.

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    I doubt they will drop for a while. They haven't come out with a line of CPU's to replace them yet. Quad Cores are pretty much still in the works but not really on the market as yet. I've seen individual online stores offer them at $10 or $20 cheaper than other stores but no price drop at the manufacturing level yet (Intel) that I'm aware of. Keep hoping. They will come down sooner or later, but something new will have a different foot print and you'll need a new MoBo, new RAM, etc. etc., etc. That's how things typically go. Good luck.

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    I'd go with i7 because all of the components that go along with it are dropping a lot in price, also you can get a 920 and overclock it and that's only 200 bucks at MicroCenter if you get there at the right time. Also, the i9's are going to come out soon, hopefully sometime next year so once those come out, the i7's will drop even more in price.

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    DDR2 will not go up anytime soon. DDR1 didn't go up either, it just never came DOWN to DDR2 levels because the cost of maufacture was high. DDR2 is not expensive to manufacture and will stay cheap. I don't know wtf you're smoking but when I bought my 2GB of DDR1 for my old P4, it was $100 per gig. That was before the prices (according to you) went "up" to about $60 per gig. I think you need to go back to math school. As for the C2Q, I'd get the fastest and go with that. I think the Q9550 is on sale at tigerdirect.

    - Former tigerdirect sales rep.

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