Is there anything wrong with being 23 and wanting to be single for a while?

I'm 23 and have been single for the last few years. I finished college last year, live on my own and have been working a ton to pay down some of my debt, and save money because I plan on moving down south in the next year or two. I hardly have time to see family and friends. I want to remain single for now so I can work towards my goals. I don't plan on remaining single forever, just until I get everything figured out.

Every time I tell someone I want to be single for now, they seem so shocked. I've had people tell me I feel bad for you, you must get so lonely now that all of your friends are engaged and getting married and you are still single. They always tell me I need to get a man, but honestly I don't even know if right now if I'd have time to make a relationship work if I wanted one. When I do get all settled down and am ready for a relationship, I'd want a long term one, not just some fling.

Is it really that crazy for a 23 year old to want to be single for a while? I didn't think it was that strange, but people look at me like I'm a freak for saying it.

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you guys are all so sweet, thank you

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    23 is so young! You are on the right track with finishing college, working towards your career, and being responsible and paying down your debts! I think you rock! More power to you :-)! Seriously! There will always be people in society that will try to push you towards what they think is the "norm". Be strong, follow your internal goals, and feel proud of the person you are! When YOU are ready, you will find that special person who fits into your life. Good luck to you. You are doing great! :-) Chin up!

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    Not at all! It's all about where you are in life. I'm 21 and getting married and most of my friends look at ME like I'm crazy! It just so happens that me and my fiance are at the same place in our lives where we are ready to settle down and build a home (and we love each other of course), but we were both very independent before we got together. As a woman especially, it's a really great thing to establish life on your own for a bit WITHOUT a man stuck at your side. It helps you get to know yourself and work towards those goals you have and find some self fulfillment.

    In most cases (or so it seems), once you have almost everything all straightened out for YOU, someone will come along who has most of their stuff straightened out and you'll line up better that way... (Does that make any sense? haha)

    I think it's an excellent idea to just be single until you find someone on the same path as you :)

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    There's nothing wrong at all with that.I'm 28 and have been single for a while. What's bad is being with someone just to be with someone. If one needs to have a partner to feel better about themselves, then they have some things to work out. You sound focused,confident,mature, and you have your priorities set straight. When you do reach your goals and want to pursue a relationship, any guy you pick will be lucky

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    I don't think there is anything wrong with being single - I'm 22 and enjoy being single and having freedom.

    Have fun.

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