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My friend is being really mean to me, what do I do?

So my friend he's being a smartass/jerk to me on msn, and I told him i'm angry at him, but he won't stop making me angry. Am I right to be angry at him?


ok admittedly i exaggerated the situation, sorry for wasting your time people. im a real douche

Update 2:

ok THAT WAS HIM he hacked my account cos he knows my password :(

i don't know why he's being like this :(

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    If they are being mean to you, are they really your friend?

    Is he really meaning to be a smart-***/ jerk or is he simply on a creative/ comedic/ satiric roll that he hasn't yet exhausted?

    Are you being too sensitive to his commentaries through being unable to match wits at the moment or just by being a "precious princess' who is not being catered for currently ?

    "We love in others that which we love in ourselves and hate in others that which we hate in ourselves."

    Could it be you are more angry with yourself than with him ? If so, could this self-anger be misdirected or unwarranted?

    If you need external validation of an anger it probably isn't required -- the anger or validation.

    I suspect no-one can help this situation but yourself.

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    Yes Wilma, you have every right to be mad at ur "friend". To tell you the truth, if he treats you like that then he is not your friend. Friends are suppose to be nice and supportive in good and bad. Block him off your MSN and look for true friends, there are still good people in this world.

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    Yes, but unless you work out why he's acting as he is, you can't do anything about it and he may not understand why you are angry at him.

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    it depends on what he did/said to made you angry.

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    punch him in the face

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