What should I do, have her tell him that I like him but how?

I like this guy and my friend has two classes with him, one I have with him and her at the same time. I was wondering should I have her tell him that I like him when she has him in her second period class and then I have him in my 3rd period class? I don't know for sure if he likes me, weve talked a little bit and stuff. What can I do to flirt and what should I tell my friend to say (exact words)? ~Sydney

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have been through exactly what you are going through and the best answer to this is to not have her do it at all.If you are sending you friends to do you flirting and hinting, it would be just like your friend going out with you crush. What you wanna do is go up to him or maybe even pass him notes that say "You look cute today" or "How did you get so cute?" things like that. That will be sure to help. Good luck.

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    okay im no genius in romance but all my advice actually works

    okay if you find out what he likes you can talk about it and maybe you can be come friends first and invite him to movies that he wants to see

    or you can go strait to love by writing him love notes and putting them in his books when he isnt looking and its okay if you get embarrassed

    oh and also try to give him little gifts

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    LUK here r d steps for ur frnd 2 ask:

    1. She should ask if he likes someone.

    2. Then, she should say that there's someone who likes him...that is u!!

    3. Then see wat his ans is.

    And don't be there when ur friend tells about ur love for the guy to the guy.....

  • 1 decade ago

    Never ever ask someone else to tell the person you like him/her. Do it yourself you'd be surprised how many guys actually like girls who are brave enough to tell the guy personally how she feels.

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  • Hmm.. just get her to say to him my friend ____ likes you

    you could tell her to do it in her second class or you could just get her to tell him after school.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just tell him yourself. Guys like that, you don't want to seem like a coward by having your friend tell him...honestly if it were me i would tell her to just have you say it.

    Source(s): Life experience.
  • 1 decade ago

    just have her say " hey my friend sydney has a crush on you"

    could you take time to anwer mine please?


  • 1 decade ago

    give me the points been there done that

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