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Mandy, who is five, recently spotted a bee buzzing in circles on the sidewalk. She bent over and picked up the insect and it stung her. Now whenever Mandy hears an insect buzz, even a housefly buzzing against a screen, her heart rate increases. Mandy's fear of houseflies is:

a. an example of extinction.

b. an example of a conditioned response.

c. an example of spontaneous recovery.

d. an example of generalization

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    Initially Mandy may have shown a conditioned response to bees. However, she has now generalised her reaction to any buzzing insect.

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    Actually B an example of a conditioned responce.

    The theory invented by Ivan Pavlov who experimented and developed

    his theory's on dogs cats and other life forms after feeding a dog

    and ringing a bell at the same time after a few times

    dog thinks Bell = food so salivates at just the sound of the bell

    so therefore the buzzing would be part of it.

    Extinction on the other hand in the dog example, is when

    the dog stops salivating when no food is presented,

    when no food acompanies the bell the salivating stops

    the conditioned responce has now reached extinction stage.

    Conclusion Mr Pavlov the intellegence of dogs!

    Good Luck.

    Cheers Mars Mission.

    Source(s): 13th Year Psych Student.
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    an example of generalization..... mandy has generalized dat everytime thr is an insect ,, its gonna sting her...

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