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Why do people always take you for granted dispite what you do for them?

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    There are times that we may never know (being unaware) of what and how did people do things for us favorably, but if it was taken for granted by purpose, then maybe 'am just such another undeserving folly, unworthy of the other's kind and affectionate deed..

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    If you feel taken advantage of, it's your job to remind them of when you've helped them out in a polite way. It's not always the case that people will dedicate their attention to keeping tabs on what everyone else has done for them, even though they would appreciate it when reminded.

    If you feel you did something for someone else and were overlooked, confront them as soon as it's brought up. You don't have to fight a battle every time but take a moment to stop and say "Hey, didn't I [insert why you shouldn't have been passed over]?" Chances are they will apologize and be conscientious enough not to do it the next time.

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    People whom take you for granted will only go as far as you let them. Consider those you know that will take advantage and don't agree to everything you are put in the spot for. If you are already aware of those people that take advantage of you, you need to distance yourself from them or just say NO next time!

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    Well, think about it. I bet you do the same thing when others do things for you, right? If you said no, I'm pretty sure you'd be lying to yourself to some extent.

    While it can be extremely frustrating when people take you for granted, in the end it's just what humans do, so eventually I think it's best to forgive them.

    Maybe one day when they no longer have you there, they'll realize all the amazing things you did for them.

    Source(s): I don't think you can truly appreciate someone until you loose them.
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    Basically most people are selfish; we think of the world in terms of what we can get, not how to be thankful for what we've already been given. Don't ever take that type of behavior personally.

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    I think its just best not to worry about that. You do good things for people because its the right thing to do, not for the attention.

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    lol i know right. my friends are like that to me. when they need me . they are so kind and nice. but when they dont, theyre like slack and push me aside. i think its cos, maybe u let them use you. if u stood up for urself and maybe talked to them. they might change. if it is really screwing with ur mind then just dont hang with them. i tried that. we're closer then ever, becos they realised their wrongs

  • people love to test the limits to take it to their advantage

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    well sadly,because people don't realize what they have until its gone.

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    cus humanity is stupid

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