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Xbox 360 Pro or Arcade: Are they the same?

I have the Xbox 360 Pro but I was thinking of downgrading to the Xbox 360 Arcade. I have a warranty for Best Buy and I could keep the 60GB HDD that came with my Pro and put it in the Arcade. But I don't know the difference between the Pro and Arcade. So should I keep the Pro or get the Arcade and keep a hundred bucks and maybe get a game or two.

Please answer this with details and don't answer by saying something like IDK or pro. Please try to include details like why the pro better, why the arcade better?



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    hmm there isn't really that much difference...

    The first main difference is the Arcade only has 512Mb of on-board memory instead of a hard drive, but if you keep your old 60GB one then this shouldn't be an issue.

    Secondly is the video cable.

    The Arcade comes with only a basic composite video cable.

    As the name suggests, composite video has all of the

    signal components needed to produce a TV image,

    combined together into a single composite signal. This

    means that the luminance (B&W detail) information,

    chrominance (colour) information and sync pulses are all

    combined in one cable.

    However because all of the components are lumped in

    together, it's possible for them to interact with each

    other, this can result in various kinds of picture

    defect; colour smear (colours running outside the

    boundaries of their correct picture areas), dot crawl or

    Moire (moving coloured interference patterns in fine

    picture detail) and so on.

    The Pro has a hybrid cable with both sets of 3 composite and component plugs (Red, white, yellow and red, green, blue).

    The component cables (red, green, blue) have twice the resolution of the single composite cable or composite set.

    The Arcade has a white disk drive whereas the Pro is a chrome colour, this is only an exterior cosmetic difference.

    The Arcade doesn't come with an ethernet cable or headset.

    The Arcade is also not backwards compatible. (although it is possible to buy a backwards compatibility download from the Xbox Live Markrtplace)

    So basically, if you can handle a 50% drop in video quality, the arcade is probably the way to go for the amount of money you will save. Which is, approximately $50 US or $100 AUD btw.

    Hope this helps:D happy gaming

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    If you get the 60 gb hard drive, you basically upconverted the arcade to a premium.

    The only differences between the arcade and the premium is the hard drive, the dvd tray, and the extras that comes with the premium.

    There is no hardware (besides hard drive) or graphical differences between the two. You don't get better picture quality or better sound with the premium.

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