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DID or what other disorder?

I'm trying to write about a character with a mental disorder in my story. The problem is that I already kind of know what it is but am not so sure what mental disorder it is, and if it can even be considered a mental disorder.

She seems to have a dissociative personality disorder (2 personalities, a third maybe) but she can control them, and there's no amnesia. Its something that only appears when she is by herself, its not like she can control them but she can avoid showing them or being noticeable with them in front of others.

She is quiet and studious- study hard and be perfect, the other likes adventure and is outgoing- wayy too much- she doesn't care how it will affect her later- fun is number one, the third is the one forming- she likes a bit of both but she can balance fun and work.

Its hard and it gives her headaches when she tries to control them because if she lets the wrong one out, its just bad. And when she is one of them for too long her emotional state is less-happy (is this even a word?)

Sorry its too long, if anyone could tell me about this I'd appreciate it. or stuff to change, the character fits in the story now but it can be changed.


I thought about schizophrenia but don't schizophrenics hear voices and sounds?

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    First you have to understand that what you're creating, this character of yours, most likely isn't going to fit perfectly into any mental disorder diagnosed in the real world. Normally when people write about characters with diagnose disorders they research the disorder they desire extensively and make their character possess the characteristics and experience the correct symptoms. The way you've done it isn't going to get perfect results, after all in your mind where this character has been created anything goes even if it's physically impossible or never before seen in the real world.

    Perhaps you can make not knowing the disorder part of the story? Leaving it as something that just is without further explanation can create a very interesting atmosphere within a piece of writing.

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    yes this would be nothing like schizophrenia and would be far off from DID as well.

    If you want to write the story you want to write than you have let it be a fictional illness. Only real in the realms of your story.

    Or if you want to do a story that fits with a real disorder your going to have to change a lot of the way you want to have it play out and do some research how the disorder works before you get into writing about it.

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    I think it's like an imaginary friend disorder lol. Or schizophrenia. Usually people with DID can't control when their personality comes out.

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