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is this bird going to be ok?

this is for my grandpa, his very pretty male turqiuse or scarlet chested parakeet has lost the top half of its beak, his mate actually feeds him, he is wondering if it will grow back? almost all of it fell off/ chipped.

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  • Calvin
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    The poor bird's beak won't grow back, sorry. Your bird will have to eat like that for the rest of his life. Take the injured bird to an avian vet, and he'll/she'll recommend some ways to make that bird's life easier.

  • jonboy
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    I doubt if your bird will live long enough for it's beak to grow back,if it has lost as much as you takes a while for them to grow and if it is unable to feed it's self then there is not much hope.

    It's mate will not feed it forever,this is the breeding season for them and that is why he is feeding it.

    chocobor your first picture is of a Tourquosine cross with a Splendid grass parakeet and not a pure bred

    I have bred them that is how I know i still breed both species.

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  • Anonymous
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    Oh I'm sorry, but a bird like that is never going to lead a natural life again. the beak will never grow back and the bird won't ever be able to preen or eat properly again. In this case the best option is probably to have the bird humanely put to sleep. sorry about your bird :(

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    It will grow back. If it's damaged up to the nostrils then it may only grow a short distance back. If his mate just started feeding her cause of her beak being chipped, that's great. But are you sure he isn't the one causing the problem? Maybe he's being to aggressive in his feeding and damaging her beak? Some male parrots, if their sexually frustrated, will actually rip the beak off the females and kill them.

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    It is possible that it could grow back, but very, very unlikely. I wouldn't count on it, sorry. Just make sure he is getting fed by his mate... if she stops feeding him, he will have to be hand fed with a spoon or syringe.

    By the way, if you are wondering if your grandpa has a turquoise parakeet or a scarlet chested parakeet, here's photos to compare:

    Turquoise Parakeet: and also

    Scarlet Chested Parakeet:

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    it probaly won't grow back. i fell so bad for the poor animal.

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