Male Barbie Collectors?

I'm a guy, straight as an arrow, I find girls attractive. Maybe that's why I like Barbie, she's a sexy little thing lol, I'm sry I know that sounds creepy. Anyway, I'm just curious to know about other male Barbie collectors/likers. My story is I found a Barbie in a movie theater once and started playing with it. I played with so many toys as a little kid, from hot wheels, lincoln logs, toy trains, etc. but Barbies were just the most fun cuz I got so act out these fun stories to the best ability. Plus, I only have an older brother, no sisters. Guys, what are your stories, are you straight or gay? I just wanna know if there are any other straight guy Barbie likers like Oh and share your stories about how you got into Barbies.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sorry... I don't collect them... I personally think that barbies are for girls and cars are for boys... we can't cross the other line... if ppl cross this line they are call femenine. And femenine equals gay.

    I know you are not gay but that's what ppl think when you collect them. Otherwise I won't tell you to stop collecting them because you have your rights and everyone has an opinion... hope that helps...

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  • 4 years ago

    We never like Barbie but there were also the Trudie doll with the twin brother Todd. They came with a little kit with doll clothes. And the Tammy doll. They took the Bradz dolls off the shelf in Walmart. Those were the latest I knew of.

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