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i need help finding a drew barrymore skit on snl?

its when she was with heratio sanz and jimmy fallon and they're pot heads and doing a webshow

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    go on

    drew was on the snl that aired tonight, but if your talking about an old one you can see it at that web.

    Source(s): i watch snl skits cuz i love andy samberg!
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    I'm sorry but I had absolutely no luck.

    I spent an hour of my boring night trying to find it.I did,however, find a skit of one of my favorites from SNL called "the lovers" with Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch.I've been looking for a clip of this for years,no lie so thanks to your search for Drew I was able to find it.

    I tried everything,Gobi and Jarred(That's the characters' names),Jarred's room(That's the name of the skit),stoners,(All of course w/ Drew's name in it)you name it.

    To no avail though.I hope you do find it.I know what it's like wanting to see a funny old skit and not being able to.Uugghh! Damn internet!

    Good Luck!

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