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MOS Cryptologic Linguist (35P) for Arabic speakers?

Hello, Does anyone know whats the required ASVAB score for the 35p position? I was born and raised in Iraq, so I read, write, and speak Arabic perfectly.

And what are my chances not to be required to learn a new language at the Defense Language Institute since I have arabic?

Please tell me any info you have about this position. Thank you very much.

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    You will not get 35P as it requires a very high security clearance and U.S. citizenship - basically U.S. citizenship by birth.

    You would be qualified to be an interpreter, 09L.

    And if you are already a U.S. citizen you can also try for 35M, which is Human Intelligence.

    Your first step is to talk to a recruiter and take the DLPT for Arabic. A warning, that test is tough even for native speakers. If you were educated in Arabic, or if you have no problems understanding Arabic media (TV and news articles) you should be okay, though. If you pass the test, you will not be sent to DLI.

    Source(s): Was an Arabic linguist in the Army
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    If you are a native speaker, please, please, please go enlist. Unfortunately, I must prepare you for what you will likely see. Most people will not know how to use to effectively, and will ask you to translate ridiculous billboards and such. However, you are probably the most important tool the US could use in Iraq. Some commanders will know what to do with you, and you will be invaluable. Don't be a crypto-linguist, be an interpreter. If you score high enough on your foreign language test you will not have to go to the DLAB (it's not hard, I passed Spanish level 1 and can barely say my name in Spanish). You have no idea how important you are to the US Army or Marine Corps. Thank you, sincerely, for your interest in helping.

    Source(s): cavalry troop commander, deployed a few times
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    Basic Job Description

    The Cryptologic Linguist is primarily responsible for performing and supervising the detection, acquisition, geolocation, identification and exploitation of foreign communications using signals equipment.

    Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS include:

    Identify foreign communications from an assigned geographic area and categorizing signals by activity type, Analyze foreign communication for information to support mission reporting requirements, Recognize changes in transmission modes and tipping the appropriate analytical or intercept authority. Provide translation expertise to analysts. Operate systems as needed to support Signals Intelligence tasking, reporting and coordination. Provide gists, transcriptions, or translations of foreign communications.

    Training Information

    Defense Language Institute for six to 18 months, depending on language selected for. (Note: Recruits who already speak a needed foreign language fluently may be allowed to skip this course).

    Cryptologic Linguist Training Course at Goodfellow Air Force Base, TX, 10 - 16 weeks, depending on language

    ASVAB Score Required: 95 in aptitude area ST

    Security Clearance: Secret

    Strength Requirement: medium

    Physical Profile Requirement: 222221

    Other Requirements

    •Normal color vision required

    •Must be US Citizen

    •A qualifying score on the Defense Language Aptitude Battery, (DLAB), of 100 or above

    •A qualifying score on the English Comprehension Level Test

    •Never been a member of the U.S. Peace Corps

    •Good voice quality and be able to speak English and foreign language idiomatically and without objectionable accent or impediment

    •No record of conviction by court-martial

    •No record of conviction by a civil court for any offense other than minor traffic violation

    If this doesn't work out for you, there is always

    Army Enlisted Job Descriptions and Qualifications

    09L - - Interpreter/Translator

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