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Iphone app transfer problem?

i have paid apps on my iphone that i got from a friend and i plugged it into my pc and it says i have to transfer them to my library i go ok but it then says cant transfer items to library because its not a authorized computer but it is what do i do

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    It's not autorized for your friends paid content. In order for it to be authorized, your friends would need to sign into your iTunes on your computer and download the apps there. You would then be able to have the data on both your iPhone and computer. Be aware though that if there are ever any updates to the apps your friends gave you, you would need their account name and password.

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    you ought to first plug on your iPod on your computer, and sync your video games and apps to iTunes. once you get the iPhone, and after set up, you plug the iPhone into your computer and drag the recreation to the iPhone tab, and there! you have your recreation. OR, as quickly as you get the iPhone you bypass to the app shop, bypass to updates, bypass to purchases, and it is going to be there so which you would be able to place in. you're welcome!

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