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What could be done to improve the divorce rate in America? Your opinions please.?

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    I think that they should make it harder to get a divorce, unless the someone within the marriage/family is being put in danger of course, physically or emotionally. You should not be able to get a divorce if you don't have butterflies in your stomach everyday, etc. Maybe people should have to undergo marriage counseling for a mandatory period of time before a divorce is granted?

    People take marriage and divorce much to lightly in my opinion.

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    I don't see the divorce rate as an issue. Why should people stay in a bad marriage?

    The best way to reduce (not improve) the divorce rate is to work on the major causes of divorce: adultery and addictions seem to encompass the majority of divorces. Focus on those two things. Why do SO MANY men cheat? Why do so many women ignore their supposed religiously held vows and file for divorce the moment they find out hubby has strayed? Why do folks marry when they already know the SO is doing drugs or is an alcoholic? What about gambling or online game-playing addiction (World of Warcraft, for instance).

    Look at WHERE the highest rate of divorce is: The Bible Belt. Seems sortof odd, don't you think?

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    I like BlackCat answer: Don't get marry!! For sure that will improve divorce rate! lol!

    Honestly? I think Cupid should be assign to the couples for the rest of their marriage life and have a government mandate to work the problems out unless there are inhumane issues arising.

    Or invent the "love potion" so keeps people not so uptight!!

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    In my opinion, all divorces are because one partner or the other, or sometimes both, got a bit selfish. If people can learn to be selfless and live entirely for the sake of another person, their marriages will last forever. That, and learning to trust their partner completely.

    That's the formula for a perfect relationship. Its not so much finding the right person that fits you perfectly. its about perfecting your own character. If everyone did that, just worked on making themselves perfect in character, and then lived selflessly for their spouse, we would have perfect marriages.

    Source(s): That's just my opinion.
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    I think one of the biggest things would be a restriction on age. You should have to be 21, no exceptions to get married. Because most of the failed marriages are because people get married before they really get to know each other. I also think that to get married you should have to pass a class. Like a parenting class, and a marriage counseling class (sorry I don't know terms) so that people understand what they're getting themselves into. I know it wouldn't solve all the problems but I think those two methods would be a definite start

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    Well... that is a deep question... i'll try a few...

    1. Realize that marriages are not like Hollywood / Bollywood romance

    2. Understand that ALL marriages require maintenance, compromise, and compassion

    3. Take your commitment seriously. When the going gets stay and work on it!

    4. Marry your best friend!

    Source(s): Married for 12-years... together for a total of 17-years. Not always easy...
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    How about the government pay for free marriage counseling or programs to salvage marriages. They will pay for abortions in other countries and methadone clinics but won't help a couple out who are having difficulties that for the most part have lived responsible. I have another idea. Instead of making movies about cheating, sex, and drugs, make movies about how to save your marriage. How about that movie Fireproof. It was made on a shoe string budget and has probably saved thousands of marriages yet they will spend millions on a movie and not change one life. We need to start treating marriage like God intended it to be. We treat our marriages like a disposable razor. When it gets dull we just throw it out and get another...Just my thoughts.

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    I would go to marriage counseling before getting married. I know many couples go see one when they are having trouble. There's nothing wrong with that. But to be on the safe side I would get some counseling. It would discipline me and give me a better start than a normal start like last time. I felt like a rookie on my previous marriage.


    Proverbs 1:7 (The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.) (NIV)

    (Proverbs 15:32) He who ignores discipline despises himself, but whoever heeds correction gains understanding. (NIV)

    I hope this helped you and encouraged you.

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    Be required to take a premarital class and see a marriage counselor, before the state will grant you a marriage license.

    Also be required to see a marriage counselor before the judge will grant you a divorce.

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    Make it more difficult to get married. It shouldn't be as easy as it is. People forget about it, and it just becomes a legal engagement, rather than a sacred bond!

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