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How can I ask a boy to a dance?

I feel so scared.Biut though its early October my middle school has a Halloween dance every year.I really wanna ask my old neighbor/crush to go jus to hang out with me and my friends but I fear it will make it sound like a date.XD Anyway I am going to be a vampire and I wanna look cute.It really crazy talking like this but what should i do?

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    just go up and playfully ask

    dont make it a big deal just say somthing like

    "hey i think it would be alot of fun to go to the dance with you, wanna go?"

    hope that helps

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well just go ask him r u plannig on going to the dance, before anything, if he says yes then say oh im am too im going like a vampire but i dont have anyone to go with then let him take over the situation :D

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