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After betta fish dies, should filter media be thrown away?

I know how to wash a filter for re-use, but after the death of my fish should it be thrown away for risk of fungus or bacteria in the new fish?


Before it died, its stomach got really bloated and white (as oppose to its usual purple) and had like a long strand of flesh (possibly a parasite? skin? idk) trailing behind it.

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    I agree. Clean the tank, including the filter. If you want to be extra sure, swap out the filter media. Be sure to get all the muck out of the gravel, too, and wipe down any plants or other ornaments. It might not prevent the next fish from getting sick, but hey, it couldn't hurt.

  • Ghapy
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    The only risk is from disease he died from. If he died without sign of disease you shouldn't have any issues.

    If your just getting another betta it might be safest to clean it out and start over

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