Atheists, if the bible was written by men how would you explain this?

Many people doubted the existence of Assyrian king Sargon, which is mentioned in Isaiah 20:1 but in 1843 archaeologists found his palace and he is now one of assyrian's most noted kings. So the person who wrote the book of Isaiah must have lived in Sargon's time so we know that he lived approximately around 722-705 BC

Now the book of Isaiah also mentions that the earth is round (Isa 40:22) but at that time the most intelligent beings alive thought that the earth was flat.

The book of Isaiah also harmonizes with other books of the bible which were found centuries later at a very noticeable distance from this book.

So, if you write a book about whatever you want do you think another book can be found that says the exact thing your book says, has the same characters and dates and are actually historically asserted?

I know most people who don't want to believe will look for a loophole but i just wanted to see if there was someone with a little logic.

Thanks for your time.

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    then who wrote it then? women?

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    Just because a book has some verifiable acts in it doesn't mean that men didn't write it. We know when and how the New Testament was compiled and it was definitely by men.

    The Bible is definitely NOT the Word of God. If God really wanted to write a book Jesus would have done it Himself and there would be no questions about it. It would also be a very different book.

    Real power lies in the hands of those who write history and create the mythos upon which a society is based. In Biblical times this was the priesthood. They and the scribes they trained were the only literate members of society. The easiest way to keep people (women, slaves and any other 2nd class citizens) in their place is to say that God ordained it that way and then produce a book to prove it.

    No matter how inspired the authors were or by what source, the information had to filter through their minds and personalities. The Bible was written by men immersed in an ancient patriarchal culture. They all had agendas, whether it was keeping the social order, unifying doctrine, eliminating heresy or gaining converts. After studying it for years I've concluded that it's a pretty transparent piece of propaganda.

    What I do value in the Bible is the story of Christ's life and teachings. I think He knew how misinterpreted and manipulated words can become and therefore lived in a way that would allow us to follow in His footsteps regardless of what anyone wrote about Him.

    The links below objectively detail the origins of the Bible (1 & 2)

    as well as the inconsistencies and inaccuracies (3)

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    I'm not an atheist but your argument is weak.

    From the Torah:

    Isa 40:22 It is He Who sits above the circle of the earth, and whose inhabitants are like grasshoppers, who stretches out the heaven like a curtain, and He spread them out like a tent to dwell.

    "Circle" does not indicate there was knowledge that the Earth was spheroid. It could have referred to the Earth as an actual flat circle. It could have often been used in a metaphorical sense.

    Scholars and philosophers started to speculate that the Earth wasn't flat around the 6th century BC. By 330BC Aristotle began to hint at the idea that it was spherical, as he noted ships coming up over the horizon began to appear from the top, down, something that couldn't be possible if the Earth was flat.

    The books were not always written at the time the stories took place. It wasn't uncommon for things to be carried in an oral form for many years, even centuries, before someone wrote them down. So the person who wrote it down may have lived quite some time after Sargon.

    Because the information contained in the book of Isaiah wa considered pertinent to judaism, it's not unusual at all that the information in it would have traveled with the people who held it sacred, many miles, over many years, and it's not unusual at all that you might find other books which relate to it in these places.

    So I don't understand how you think this constitutes proof against atheism.

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    There are books in the bible that also make reference to the earth being flat. Revelation 7:1 After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth...

    A book written over a period of many centuries, cannot be taken literally, as even the jewish rabbis admit to embellishment, and it has been proven that much in the OT never even took place. (The Bible Unearthed)

    The NT was written to "mesh" with the OT, because at the time, the jews laughed at the christian teachings, so they modified the texts to correlate more with the OT. You can write whatever you want after the "prophecy" in that. The bible is not considered to be historical at all....ask any historian.

    Its a fairy tale based on other fairy tales, and if you go to, you can download a book called Bible Myths and Their Parallels to Other Religions. It was written 150 years ago, and was used at Harvard Seminary. It proves that most bible stories were "copied and pasted" and aren't even original, let alone real, and the priests know this too.

    Source(s): degree in philosophy and religion
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    "Round" does not mean "spherical". And Isaiah matches with other books - so what? Of course people who were around at the time would have known about Sargon even if he had been forgotten over the centuries since. What actually is the point you're trying to make here?

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    If you look at ancient traditions, most cultures have some form of storytelling. Generations later, they would write the stories down. For many, there is a grain of truth to them, but it's like playing the game of Telephone: you can get bits and pieces of the actual story, but what the first person said is usually quite different than the message the last person in line winds up getting.

    The Bible also says the sun stood still for a day (Joshua). This would wreak complete and total havoc on the entire solar system, and nobody would be alive to tell the story. Like I said, grain of truth, but over time, the story gets embellished, and some parts get lost. I bet there was some kind of battle, but I bet the sun didn't stand still.

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    So much wrong...

    1. It is highly likely that 2500 years ago the name and details of an Assyrian king were more well known in the Middle East then they are now. That (one of) the authors of Isaiah was aware of him does NOT imply they were contemperaneous.

    2. Isaiah has at least 2 authors, and the suggestion in the book is that the earth is round, not spherical. Despite various claims regarding translation of this word, fact remains thats actually pretty damn obvious, and the Greeks were certainly aware the earth was spherical shortly afterwards.

    3. Where books were found is irrelevant, since their authors were almost certainly familiar with the content of Isaiah. Just because we found extant manuscripts in widely separated locations, does not mean they were written without any knowledge of or reference to each other.

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    Isa 40:22 says the earth is a circle. Like a pancake.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Greeks realized that the world was round. The early church just pretty much ignored them. Also, the Bible was written by men. The Old Testament is much more "in tune" since it is made up of the Jewish holy books. By the way, I'm not an atheist.

  • neil s
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    1 decade ago

    1) Just because someone speaks about a person that turns out to exist doesn't mean they live at the same time.

    2) Pythagoras showed that the earth must be a sphere. No educated person since that time in the western world thought it was flat.

    There's nothing here to explain.

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    1 decade ago

    You do realize the church taught that the world was flat. Also they didn't accept that the earth revolves around the sun until the twenties. This is quite simply explainable. There are depictions of a round earth far before Columbus. None of which originated from any religious background.

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