how can i unclog my ear?

ive tried the peroxide thing 3 times today and it goes away for a few seconds then clogs up again.. its giving me a headache.. what can i do????

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    my boyfrind went to the doctor for his ears being clogged about a week ago.. the dr said put half peroxide half water and flush the ear out, dont use qtips bc it pushes things further back in..

    peroxide makes stuff bubble.

    the dr put liquid in his ear with a syringe so it was a heavy or good pressure flush, and then he pulled out huge clumps of earwax with safety scissors..

    the dr forewarned him he might feel dizzy when he's flushing the ear out, some people feel dizzy when its being done.

    my boyfriend had problems hearing and headaches from his ears being clogged.. he went to the ER and they cleaned out his ears for him very well, he wasnt able to do this successfully himself.

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    You should flush your ear using warm water and a bulb syringe, which can be found in supermarkets near the ear drops. This moistens trapped wax and allows it to fall out on its own.

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    take that banana out your ear.

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