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Why do people feel like they can harass me on the highway when I am going the speed limit?


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    In my 35 + years of driving, in all types of vehicles, I can say the main reasons are the fools (to avoid cussing, which I don't do) that ignore the posted speed limit signs they think that either (1) the sign is only a suggestion (2) does not apply to them (3) they can "get away with it" (4) driving over the posted limit is what "everybody" does (5) the posted speed is the starting point and they can drive at whatever speed above the limit, and other "ideas" they have...unfortunately, there are not enough Officers to patrol the highways, so these Gumbys are not cited as often as they should be...I drive @ 55 mph, in the far right lane, and enjoy obtaining 35 mpg or better...let the characters stop for the fuel that will again be at $5 per gallon, as I cruise on by :]

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    If you are in the right hand lane doing the speed limit, then ignore the other drivers.

    If you are in the left hand lane doing the speed limit, then other motorist have a right to be mad at you.

    The left hand lane is a passing lane. One must be actively engaged in passing another car to be in that lane. That is the way the law reads. No matter if you are doing the posted speed limit. Move over and stay in the right hand lane.

    If I see a person being passed by every car on the road due to them obeying the posted speed limit, I make a safe pass and go on my way. That person may be on probation and simply can't afford to be ticketed for a moving violation.

    I do see in many parts of the country, speed limits are too low. Our local interstate was totally reconstructed with new lanes. All concrete. Huge shoulders. Great road. Still has those cursed 55 mph speed limit signs. This is a 65 to 70 mph road. Which seems to be the minimum speed for the vast majority of drivers. Then throw a law abiding driver into the fray, and odds of an accident increase. But in case of an accident, the law will be on the side of the law abiding driver.

    "Officer, I was in the right hand lane doing 55 mph. All of a sudden this car came flying up behind me. Must have been doing at least 75 mph. When they tried to pass me, they hit my car".

    While this will not go well for the other driver, the results will be the same. Damage to both vehicles, traffic delays due to the accident, and the need for the emergency services personnel.

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    Well, usually going 5 - 10mph above the limit isn't counted, and no harm is done. However, more than 10mph above the speed limit can lead to an accident.

    Some people will be jackasses, and yell at you because you went 5 mph above the speed limit in an empty highway.

    But it's better to get yelled at and ticketed a few times to avoid going over the speed limit, than to getting into an accident and killing yourself or another person

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    I can be driving at the speed limit either in town or on the highway and I gotta tell you that basically the only people who harass me are women age 20-35 in vans or SUVs blabbing on cell phones...They will run you over if you do not get out of their way

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    Going the speed limit is the minimum on the highway for most people. If you don't like being harassed with tailgaters or people high-beaming you, then you should stay on the right lane and let the speeders pass you on the left.

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    Many people enjoy going five, ten or even more miles above the speed limit, also have you checked to see if everything is working, people may be trying to signal that one of your turn signals is not working or one of your tail lights is out...Just a few suggestions

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    because they want to speed and not go the speed limit

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    It's called road rage and it stems from having no patience and being in too much of a hurry to get where they're going.

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    hey i get it too ! and they squirm like crazy when you go slower cause they are too close.

    i don't speed back up until they are off my @ss

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    stay in the right lane.

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