Where do I start to learn about computers programs?

I want to learn about how to get computers and software to do the things we want them to. Where do I start - in other words, what is a good source (book, online video or other) that lays out instruction in a very sequential manner?

I want to learn how to create three dimensional representations of any object and then manipulate that design. And why hasn't there been a genius capable of writing software that diagnoses illnesses? A kind of "it not a, then b" type thing?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It honestly depends on what level of information you want.

    If you are looking for simple coding, I would visit the local library and check up on C/C++ primers for a general view of how to code and how it works together. Other languages are also good to look through, like .NET, Java, etc. Learning the basics will help you get to what I believe you are to trying to achieve.

    If you are looking to write these programs, I suggest getting a text book, but do your research, some are better than others.

    In the off chance I am mistaken (which I probably am) and you want a program that allows you to manipulate 3-Dimensional objects, you could try Maya, 3d Max, AutoCad, or C4d. These program allow manipulation and dynamic changes to occur in real time. Moreover, these programs allow you to create your own 3-Dimensional objects from scratch. These programs have a high learning curve, but there are books specifically made to teach you how to make 3-Dimensional models and edit them.

    Here is a link to a series of books on the subject:





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