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how do i begin this chemistry problem?

What mass of titanium(IV) chloride could be formed from the reaction of 3.00 g titanium and 8.00 grams of chlorine gas (Cl2)?

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    Nater Tater is completely incorrect.

    You are looking for the amount of a substance you can make only using what you're given.

    You will require 2 equations. 1 per element.

    The Balanced Equation is Ti + 2Cl2 = TiCl4

    First take the 3g of Titanium and find how much Ti(IV)Cl can be made using this equation.

    3g Ti x (1 mole Ti / 47.90g Ti) x (1 mole TiCl4 / 1 mole Ti) x (142g TiCl4 / 1 Mole TiCl4) =

    Thats how many grams of TiCl4 can be made from 3 g of Titanium

    Next you do the same thing with Chlorine.

    8g Cl x (1 mole Cl / 35.5g Cl) x (1 mole TiCl4 / 1 mole Cl) x (142g TiCl4 / 1 Mole TiCl4) =

    That's how many grams of TiCl4 you can make from 8 g of Chlorine.

    Whichever one produces less is the maximum amount you can make using 3g of Ti and 8 grams of Cl

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    8 + 3 = 11g titanium chloride. its that simple

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    Ti(s) + 2Cl2(g) ---------> TiCl4

    moles of Ti = 3/ 47.867 =0.0627

    which needs 0.125 moles of Cl2 for a complete reaction but we have

    moles of Cl2 = 8/71 = 0.112 so chlorine is the limiting reagent and forms

    0.112 /2 moles of TiCl4 = 0.0563 moles

    or 0.0563* 189.71 g = 10.68 g

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