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Me and my husband got married a week before he was deployed, will he still receive BAH?

He has now been gone for 2 months and still hasn't received it on his paychecks. I don't even know who to talk to. We are both kinda clueless lol

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    There are support groups on the bases that have ladies who have been through this before. There should be a contact point with his company at the base he deployed from who can refer you to some of these agencies. You may find the base chaplains office to be very helpful in getting these contacts made.

    Also, my daughters fiance just was deployed to Afghanistan and she is up to speed on these things. If you need additional details, email me on yahoo (privately, not publicly) and I will get my wife and my daughter to give you some of the info.

    You need to be extremely security conscious and do not divulge anything on this forum that would indicate your location, name or anything that may relate to his location in the sandbox. The enemy watches these boards too.

    We will join you in prayer for a safe return of all our soldiers.

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    Yes, you should get BAH. Try your local FRG group on base to ask questions on what to do regarding what benefits you should be receiving.

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    the check is in the mail

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