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What kinda dog is this.....?

she has big winged ears & she looks like she has extra white hairs sticking out of her ears and i got her from food4less cuz sumone just left puppies in a box so i got one....

and i wanna know what breed is she? i also wanna know if shell grow up to be a big dog or not.

(sorry its in the wrong category...i just go on this one a lot)



im just asking cuz im curious jeeze. i would luv for it to get bigger cuz i already have a small chiuhaha and i wuld like to have another dog that gets bigger.

but whatever the outcome is....i found her in front of food4less so now shes mine and i luv her :P

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    The obvious answer? Take her to a vet. She probably needs shots and health checks to if shes a puppy. You could also wait and see what happens or look for pictures of a similar dog on Google of Yahoo? I don't know, but vet seems like the best choice. Way to go for saving the puppy though!

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    I agree with Lulu66 on this one. Also, does it matter if it gets big or not? you took this dog in, now, it shouldnt matter if it gets big or not. please dont be one of these people who got the dog then realize it will grow up and get bigger then dump it at the spca and expect someone else to adopt the dog. 93% of dogs brought to spcas get put down due to no space.

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    I cant see your personal emails.

    You need to put the pic on a website, such as myspace, photobucket, flickr, dogster, etc.

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    Dam people can't the lady ask a question about her dog?

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    Can't open your pic...try posting it on something else

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