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What are the worst goofy names you have heard that are someones actual name?

Mine would be:

Johnjohn Johnston (IDK what his middle was hope not John) Kid I went to school with.

Mister - kid I went to school with

Luna Moon - Luna is moon in Spanish

Surprise - girl from school - that's just wrong

Tulip - Was a customer and she was like 60

Africa - girl in school

Nobel - guy I worked with

Gaylord - I've seen this at the bank

Jermanikai - ger-man-a-ky - boy from school

Lucius - kid at daycare

Jive - kid at my son's school

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    I heard a girl named Africa on the radio the other day! :)

    I'd have to stick with my friend, Savannah...her family has the most interesting combination of names I've ever heard.

    She has 3 sisters... Charli, Stormy, and Punky. And 5 brothers... Scooter, Schooner, Tracer, Racer, and Chaser. We would jokingly tell her mom that she should name her 5th son "Eraser" when she was pregnant with him. :)

    Also, my cousin goes to school with a girl named Ima Lima Bean (middle name Lima). I've never met her, but I have seen pictures... such a harsh name...

    I also babysit twins named Zacgary and Kaytln. No typo's there. Kaytln really is spelled with no vowel between L and N. People misspell it as "Katlyn" all the time, though.

    I worked at a camp over the summer... there were two girls that ended up becoming best friends because of their names... Sparkle and Blu. There were also girls named Brisayda (brih-SAY-duh), Glaisea (GLAY-shuh), Burgundie, and Teall (Burgundie and Teall were twins, and Glaisea was their adopted sister).

    I went to my cousin's church with her about 2 months ago. The female worship leader's name is Coke. Her parents actually STILL get an annual payment from the Coco cola company...isn't that ridiculous?

    I go to school with a boys named Hootie and Swayne. There are a bunch of other odd ones as well (Metney, Cyndel, Dartelle, Rockelle, Sergio, Emjaye, Tekkla, Romney...), but Hootie and Swayne always seemed a bit higher on level to me. Swayne goes by his middle name, Matthew (Matt), though.

    My Anatomy teacher's name is Brecia (BREESH-uh). She has daughters named Brice and Owen, and a brother-in-law named Index.

    My English teacher has daughters named Cheyan (Cheyenne) and Conlin, and a son named Cougar.

    My sister did cross country with girls named Blakeney (blayk-nee), Delsay (sounds like "Dulce" as in Dulce de leche... DUHL-say), and Kamical (kuh-meekle).

    My cousin has a friend (whom I have met) named Hmellisa Mlo. Mlo is her last name (sounds like "slow" with an M instead of an S), and Hmellisa, her first name, is pronounced the same as Melissa.

    Fun question.

    -- Amy

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    Goofy Girl Names

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    Isis (Eseez)









    Orgie (no kidding, very old lady)

    Higinio (Heneeyo)









    Meatomy (Me-uh-toe-me)




    Lucious (Lewshus)













    I better stop...

    Source(s): All ARE actual names of people known to myself or immediate family.
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    I actually think Tulip is kind of cute. Not that I would use it though. Lilac is another one I think is cute, but wouldn't use.

    Did you know that Lucius is the name of Draco Malfoy's dad in Harry Potter? It's evil-sounding, but Luke would be a cute nickname.

    Here are mine:

    Female (pronounced Fuh-mall-ee) - My friend's dad is an anesthesiologist and someone named their daughter this

    Gannon - The brother of a girl from school

    John John - A realtor in my area (I see the signs for him everywhere)

    William Williamson - My elementary school principal. He went by Bill though - I don't blame him!

    Lyrical - My sister is a 1st grade teacher, and this is one of the boys in her class.

    EDIT: Colleen, that's so funny!

    Trey, Troy, Troyon, Troyante, and...Jasmine.

    That girl's name is so out of place with all her brother's!

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    I have encountered a few in my days...Hmm, lemme see, how about Warren Warren. Laura Sciglibaglio, how 'bout a guy in Escondido, Ca who owns a pest control service named Head Pest control..his name is Dick, Dick Head. He has a daughter named Kim, everybody calls her Kimmie...Kimmie Head. Oh and of course, the Lear sisters, Cava and Chanda. How about a gal named Reyna Shine? Parents can sometimes be so cruel, and to prove this point, will the real Dick Creamer stand up? Yeah, he AND a Korean guy named Dick Suk were BOTH on my lawn care route in Santee, California. Caused MUCH laughter!!

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    A boy in my school was telling us all about how his parents got his name and well here it is. His fathers name is Troy and they wanted to honor his name so his eldest sons name is Trey. The next sons name is Troy, the next Troyon, and the last boy's name is Troyante. He has a baby sister and thank god they didn't pick Troyelle or Troyisha or something, her name is Jasmine.

    Other names of people I know that I think are dredful





    Steven Stevens

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    Alizah(like the alcoholic drink--how hood)-girl I used 2 work with

    Kimora Lee(designer of baby phat-apparently she couldn't come up with anything original on her own)-girl that had kids at my daycare

    & I can't think of the best 1 ever but it was a girl I used to work with and it was sooo similar to Chubaka(from Star Wars)

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    Miffamwee (girl who lives on my street)

    Arkie Sparks (friend, Sparks was actually her mums maiden name, her real last name is Stelling-Wood, but Sparks became her middle name, so...)

    Reneeyah (plain weird, she went to my school)

    Oh yeah and there was this family I went to primary school with, they're Indian, the kids names were these: Amanjt, Puja, Nilonja (or something like that, pronounced Nil-on-ya) and then their baby sister was born and her name was

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    My friend's name is Camelot Hastings. His parents wanted to name him Cameron but his father was a historian so he prefered something 'historic', which is Camelot. Nice surname too, as in 'the Battle of Hastings'...

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    I havent heard too many in real life...But here are some.

    Shrutti - Girl in school

    Story- Kroger person

    Gayla- Walmart person

    Hoesuk- Yeah,I know it looks like 'hoe suck' - Guy from school

    Thats all i've heard..

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