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What kind of perches should I get for my cockatiel?

I've seen many different kinds of perches...what kind should I get?

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    The main type of perches you will want to use are natural branches. These are the best perches to use because they vary in width, giving the feet exercise and preventing arthritis. They also often have bark on them which the bird chews for mental stimulation and may have nutrients in it. This also helps keep the beak trim. Plus natural branches are free, just look in your backyard or at a park!

    Just make sure the branches have not been sprayed with chemicals and that it comes from a 'bird safe' tree. Here is a list:

    As well as the natural branches, it's also a good idea to have a 'pedi perch' or similar calcium perch. Here's what they look like: and

    Get one a bit wider than the cockatiels feet so that the claws rest on it, and place it next to the tiel's favourite toy or food bowl.

    They are pretty much all you need but you can add other types of perches too if you want.

    You can get rope perches which are good because you can weave them into any shape you want which gives your cockatiel something to climb on.

    Wooden dowels are ok as long as you don't use the same sizes in the entire cage. I would stick with natural branches but it won't hurt to put a wooden dowel too if that's what you want. They are certainly not neccasary though.

    Just never use those sand paper covers for perches.

    I hope that helps! :)

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    Cockatiel Perch

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    Cockatiels need a wide variety of perches the rope perches and the pedi perches are good ones, I would buy a few different kinds with my cage I took out the perches that come with the cages and just used a bunch of different kinds that are much better for there feet.

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    Wood perches are very good for cockatiels. Manzanita is one that is sold in the petstores. Eucalyptus is also good for cockatiels.

    Tree branches are also good for cockatiels. You want to make sure they are free of any toxic chemicals. You also want to make sure the type of tree you use as a branch is safe for your cockatiel. There are many safe trees for cockatiels, such as Birch, Beech, Sycamore, and Mulberrry, and most Maple Trees.

    Here is a link to safe and unsafe trees for cockatiels:

    Plastic perches are fair. Plastic ones are often included with the cage.

    Pumice perches are excellent for keeping a cockatiel's beak and nails trimmed. Calcium perches are also good because your cockatiel can chew on them and get some extra calcium.

    Make sure you get different sized perches so your cockatiel can exercise its feet. You can use perches between 3/4" and 1 1/4" in diameter in your cockatiel's cage.

    Avoid using sandpaper perches. They can cause many foot problems and sore feet for cockatiels. In addition, avoid cholla wood perches because they are hard to clean.

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    What kind of perches should I get for my cockatiel?

    I've seen many different kinds of perches...what kind should I get?

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