what are good exerises to get really toned sexy arms and abbs?

I don't want to build muscel i just want my arms and abbs to look "Fit and Tone" are there any certine spefic exerises that would work for that? Im not superfat or anything like that, i acutally have a very cute sexy figure I just wanna tone up. I have long good sexy shapley legs just the middel of my body and my arms is what i need to target? Any Idea's or help? I would greatly appericate it thanks so much! Oh any exerises that won't hurt your back, I had back surgery and i can't do anything that might hurt it. But the doctors said it was pretty much okay to do anything just as long as it doesn't hurt my back so any safe exerises out there that might be helpful to tone those area's? I mean im already doing some, like planks, crunches, wall push-ups, russian twist, moutaine climbers, tradmill, swimming ect... Thank you so much for your time!


haha and yes i am a women, well not yet soon though im 17 years old.

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    look i definetly reccomend p90x for you its a program and you dont really get buff but you get toned up preety good and preety much get like a 6 pak. Make sure you take alot of protein. Protein is what help muscle build so if you want arms and abs be sure to take that. So yea go for p90x im going for it next week. The reason im so sure it works cuz i know people who did it and i straight out envy them lol

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    I'm guessing youre a woman ahah.

    When my girlfriend wanted to tone up, she just would jog every night, and would curl and tricep press 10 lbs, even though she was used to it so that her arms would shapen instead of bulk up.

    drink a bunch of water, eat enough carbs during the day, and dont super exercise.. just enough to stay fit, and you wont bulk up.

    good luck in your journey

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    4 years ago

    crunches basic. however the twist on it quite is u want a in effective condition ball. u kno the enormous ones? yeah it facilitates u to bypass forward and badk so it supplies solid consequence my abs exploded as quickly as I purely did 500 on the 1st day and that i lost an inch already in 3 weeks!

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    run 20 min a day

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