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Would I look weird wearing these boots? Are the heels too chunky?

I'm over 30 yrs old, if that's any help. Also, I'd wear them with a longer dress or skirt and with jeans.


I thought they'd look good with a pencil skirt or even any other knee-length skirt or dress.

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    I dont think so, they seem quite nice. I know a couple of women your age who like that style of boot, and it doesnt look weird on them. I think they would go well with a skirt or pants. If you are buying them online and arent sure, maybe try going into a shoe shop and finding a pair that have a similar heel just to see what you think of yourself in them.

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    i think only a skirt would look good...cross out the long dress and pants bc just imagining it makes me ify....just a bit of advice if you even need to question how something would look together dont wear it...if you dont feel confident about it dont wear it!

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    that's cool...

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