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What shade of blond would suit me? [Pics]?

I love blonds! They're so sweet looking, and I'd like to try out the hair color. Don't call me self hating cause I want to change how I look, I think yeah we're born with our natural make up but what's wrong with changing how you look? Don't call me wanna be white, because well, honestly with how white people are in the media, they're always the beautiful ones, the smart ones, the funny ones blah blah blah, so can you blame other races? I'm not saying I don't like my race, I'm fine with it, no problem but I always get comment like "asians can't have blond hair" well go screw yourself! I dont really care if it looks natural, I just want it to look nice, I dye my eyebrows to match my hair color. I have a trusted colorist/stylist, he says red tones are hot on me, but everyone's going red these days, so I'm not gonna do red hair yet.

Pics of me:

My current hair color (dyed)

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    im thinking medium blonde

    not to dark but not to light ya know?

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