People who have lots weight and got shorter answer this!?

Im really tall im 16 im 5'11 and im almost going to be 6 feet this is horrible.

Its so depressing that i have gained a lot of weight.

please if there are people that have gotten shorter by loosing weight please answer this. I need something i can believe on.

Is it truely possible.

i just want to be like 2 inches shorter and illl be the happiest gurl in the world..

ahhh this means dancing with hot guys and finally having a boyfriend taller than me!

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  • J S
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    1 decade ago
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    For a 16 year old girl, you should be nearing the end of your growth spurt. Don't stress out so much over your height. It's mostly genetic and there is not much you can control.

    I've never heard of someone become shorter after losing weight. Perhaps it is due to poor posture? Maybe they've developed a hunched back? If so, that's not very attractive.

    Be proud of your tall stature!

  • 4 years ago

    My husband lost 56lbs (4 stones) in 20 weeks and lost 8 inches off his waist too. the great problem is he felt incredible at the same time as he grow to be dropping it. He had greater means, did not sense drained and actual did not cheat because of the fact he did not sense the would desire to snack. He has saved the load off now for almost 2 years. I observed certainly one of those great progression interior the way he regarded and seeing it daily grow to be rather specific. I now am a well-being and well being coach. (see my profile) I help people to do the comparable, however the unhappy problem is i will only take care of roughly 20 people a month so as that they'd desire to instruct to me that they are extreme. My time is unfastened. sturdy success with yours!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You should be happy to be so tall! Being short is kinda demeaning.

    It's in your genetics, gaining or losing weight won't make you shorter.

  • 1 decade ago

    I can't give you hope but I just want to say being short sucks way more than being tall. If you're short you are probably chubbier than a talk person. I'm just saying. :P


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