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What is the amount of nutrition that a growing teenager need?

What is the amount of nutrition that a growing teenager need and what is some good food to eat


i heard about the china study, but just not quite sure if i should really abandon milk, i still want to grow taller.

Update 2:

another thing about china study is that the book never mentions the height of Asians compare to Europeans, and i surely don't want trade my potential height to ensure diseases that only 20% of the american and europeans have.

so should i really not eat that much beef and egg, or should i stop consuming protein on my twenties

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    Firstly, concerning your comment about milk, It took years of bad habits to be as diseased as I eventually became due to too much milk, too much meat and too many carbs, and with almost no calories from vegetables or green leafy vegetables in my diet for years.

    If I were you I would continue to drink skim milk or eat skim yogurt in moderation until you are in your twenties and then research the issue again and 'reduce' your intake at that time. If your liver-biliary stays strong with low carb nutrition, it ought to continually eliminate the excess calcium and cholesterol until it 'might' become a gallbladder-liver-biliary problem in your late thirties or early forties. But I strongly encourage you to 'minimize' your meat-cholesterol by eating just enough meat for the recommended amounts of niacin and B12, and eliminate your egg cholesterol, and replace these calories with beans and especially with green vegetables.

    Most importantly, if you minimize high carb deserts, fruits, pasta, grains, starches, or drinks and would stay off of 'stimulant' drinks, either sugar free or sugared, you should develop to your maximum height that your genes will allow.

    Lastly, after having many bad health problems from listening to people who knew very little about the consequences of choosing LOW nutritional statistics, I really-really encourage you to learn from good nutritionists what to eat for a life time. [See below]

    My best to you and to your future health,



    I have learned what I now know after my own lengthy research efforts to improve my health - after ‘FINALLY’ listening to unbiased researching nutritionists. I have shared extensively concerning the most critical nutritional statistics that are common to us all at: <> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylv=3?qid... <>

    Also, after all my previous health problems due to following considerable bad advice, I can now understand the frustrations of other health researchers in the following quote within “The China Study” by T Colin Campbell pg 1: >>==>

    “Even though information and opinions are plentiful, very few people truly know what they should be doing to improve their health.”

    “This isn’t because the research hasn’t been done. It has. But the real science has been buried beneath a clutter of irrelevant or even harmful information – junk science, fad diets and food industry propaganda.”

    “The China Study” by T Colin Campbell pg 1

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    in school there is the main suitable form of workouts a teenager can do. that's like with the actual preparation branch at colleges the place you will a team of instructors who have been experienced to offer women and boys the main suitable that has been chanced directly to maintain greater healthy, gain outcomes like an athlete and attend to different instructions in shape.f on your guy or woman you may learn a game like swimming and bypass to an academy yet with close supervision before everything. nutrition desires a record such because of the fact the prognosis from scientific team and their suggestion on what's adequate, some adolescents could desire to consume greater fish and culmination than others.

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    That's a pretty vague question. I have had great luck with vegetarianism. I started when I was 12 and have had improved health ever since. And to the age old question of protean, you need 1/2 a gram per pound of body weight. (so if you weigh 100lbs, you need 50g) Vegetarians have a much lower risk of hear disease, cancer and obesity.

    Source(s): goveg.org
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