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Drug Screening, I need to detox in one day off grass?

Anyone know any ideas to best detox my system in one day from grass. Have a drug screening in one day. I am up for any suggestions, thanks. I hope this isn't against the rules. It is an honest question, and is bout something that is practically legal anyways. Rather smoke then drink. : )


Just wanted to say thanks for all the replies. I am seriously thinking of doing all of them. Today is going to be hell preparing for tomorrow. Gonna drink alot of vinegar along with the Creatine from GNC and water of course thanks still up for more suggestions as well.

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    hey i had the same problem, and my friend advised to drink a lot of water along with Creatine (athletes use it and you can buy it at GNC or other store) and also the day of you r test drink a lot of water and take some B12 vitamins to yellowish your urine and i passed the test. hope this helps but if your're a daily smoker (chronic) it is going to be hard

    good luck

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    Pot takes alot of time to metabolize in your body.

    If your test is in one day, there's not much you can do. Even the "detox" products I've seen require a day or two.

    About all you can do is try to put some water in the cup instead of urine. You can also try to ruin the test by putting some chemical, like bleach, in there with your urine. Depends on how closely they're going to watch you.

    Wish I had better news for you!

    I certainly wish they'd just legalize it.

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    Drink straight up vinegar the day before and the day.

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    I think you are out of luck. Try getting some clean urine from a friend and smuggle it in. Make sure the frind is the same sex as you.

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    sh*tload of water!

    golden seal.

    don't know if it's gonna work in a day or not. kinda got yourself in a pickle there.

    good luck though!


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