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judge my manga plz...?

judge my an alternative world,in 1947,the world war 2 isn't finished yet,the main character is a german boy that hates the nazis but unfortunately his father and his sister are followers of the alternative hitler,his father is the scientist of the nazis.


his father discovers the dead body of a god in a mayan temple (the god of heat)so he offers his son(main character) to receive the god's dna,against his own will(to win the war).After,the transformation goes wrong cuz humans were made to obey gods not to be one,so he's half god of heat and half human(he still bleeds).He runs away from Germany but then he figure out that there are a lot of gods looking for him to kill him(actually they think he somehow killed the god of heat),after knowing his sister is in danger he saves her but left his father to die(for transforming him in a monster)against his sister's will.Now he's the only person that can stop the wars

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    i would read it

    but art and style of drawing is also a big factor

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    If I say no, are you sending me to hell?

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