I am so mad right now! talk to me please what should I do?

Hey all I am Anna and I just need to let it out right now, or I'll go mad!!!!!! I am furious right now and CAN NOT calm down. Well yesterday me and my boyfriend freaking DECIDED that today we were gonna go out of town to his relatives, just fun time for Sunday! He was supposed to come and pick me at 8-30 AM. Well, we talked before sleeping and he asked me to call him at 7 so he can wake up, and then he would come and pick me up. Let me tell you that it took a lot of effort to persuade my Mom to let me go!!! So I wake up in the morning, call and wake him up... okay, then I got up and start to get dressed and called him one more time to check if he woke up! And he tells me that he is not in a good mood he feels down and that we were not going!!! I am like wtf!!!!??? everything was fine, couldn't you tell me yesterday evening? he is like I am sorry you need to understand... I am so mad! I am sure there is NO serious reason, because if there would be one he would tell me yesterday night, that we were not going, he just got problems, he needs to stay in town... I would understand that, but when before going to bed he tells me to be ready in the morning, then just up and tells that we are not going... UGHHHHHH!!!! He ruined my day! Of course I am mad! I can't go back to sleep now, he ruined ,my plans, I nervous, upset and furious!!!! What should I do!!!!?????????????????????????????? and probably he is asleep now!

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    First of all, I quite respect the guy. He knows he's tired, cranky, and not feeling the greatest. And instead of having you and his family put up with his moodiness, he decides to be alone. He obviously knows himself very well and knows when he wouldn't be good company. Sometimes I feel depressed or down and just want to be left alone. Not everyone's perfect and happy all the time. Instead of getting sooo

    mad over petty crap, try to be more understanding of others' feelings.

  • Thomas
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    dear Anna:

    let me ask you this, is this a one time thing or is this a repeat behavior? if its the first time give him the benefit of the doubt. let him know that you will not put up with that kind of behavior in the future. by the way why are you responsible for waking him up in the first place? doesn't he have an alarm clock to wake him up? why did you allow him to put that responsibility on you?

    if it is a repeat behavior then he is letting you know that he does not respect you or care about your feelings or your relationship. you will have to decide if you are going to be treated that way any more.

    by the way being depressed or being down in the dumps is not a good reason to cancel at the last minute. besides he had just woke up,right. how caN YOU TELL IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED OR DOWN IN THE DUMPS AFTER JUST WAKING UP. BE SIDES GETTING OUT AND DOING SOMETHING WOULD HELP GET RID OF THE DEPRESSION.

    I don't blame you for being upset,i would be too. if he keeps doing these kind of things you have to decide if you want to be treated this way.

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    I understand your point of view here, but if he is feeling bad; then i would rather not go then put up with him being moody. Plus if you are not completely sure of the reason then don't get so upset. I do think that you should talk to him about it, and let him know how hard it was for you to convince your mom. Just calm down and talk to him about it.

    I hoped this helps. :]

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    Now really. Be considerate of your boyfriend. If he's not feeling well, then just accept the fact. You shouldn't pry into his things TOO deeply. Let the man have some space. My suggestion to you: lay off him for a while, then visit him later sometime. Cool down your heat and try to be more considerate.

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    You need a boy friend with a kind and caring heart, and kick that loser to the curb as soon as you can or risk being hurt again...

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    Well i wouldnt be too mad at him if it is really becaus he is not feeling to well. BUT if it is so he can hang out with his freinds or something and is just blowing you of then be PISSED!

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    what the hell why would you even want to go and see his people that is so boring and lame so if i were you i would just go back to sleep

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    quit complaining and go bak to sleep!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    You should be mature and get over it.

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