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Have you heard about...?

Im just wondering but how many people have herd of the guy that hasen't yet gotten charges for convincing people over the internet to kill themselves and saying he's a girl though the web...and i think he has killed 5 people so far this way. Has anyone heard this? I think its only Canadian news but has anyone?

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    This is Urban Legend. Basically, Urban Legends revolve around a myth that is so unreal that people tell the story over and over again to give the story some semblance of reality. First dates gone wrong are rife with this kind of story line. If it's about people killing themselves then journalists owe it to their sources to be as accurate as possible. To avoid hurting the families involved, names and locations are often omitted. So good luck in your search but you probably will have a hard time with substantiating the evidence.

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    No I have not, you must do something about your spelling and also your command of the English written word.

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    I'm from nz but i haven't heard that. Yuck so creepy and wrong :(

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    nope i havent

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