Will he ever ask me out/?

oh so theres this guy and we have been talking since the begining of the year so for like three months now. He has told me before that he likes me and i have told him that i like him back. We didn't see each other for like a month and then ended up going to the same party one night.When he saw me he jumped up from his chair and hugged me . we hung out for like the whole party. And he held my hand through the whole thing. Now we talk like twice a day on facebook. He told me that he likes me as mre than a freind now im jus wondering when will he ask me out.(im going 2 see him on wensday should i say something to him)???/


ok we didnt talk for a month because got kicked out of the school and he got suspended so out fones and computers were taken away for a month.

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    If you guys never ran into each other at that party, do you think you would be where you are now? That's something that really stuck out to me. I mean, sometimes sh*# happens, and people stop talking for whatever reason, but most of the time it's because he's really not That into you. He said he likes you, of course, but from my long line of experience with guys, he probably doesn't like you the way you think he does. You want a relationship, but what exactly does he want from you? Any guy who wants to be with you will NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE, trust me. They will persist and annoy you until you give in. Sorry if im being blunt, but im just being honest with you. On Wednesday dont act over eager and expect you to pop the big question. Act cool, and just flow with things.If things work out, then GREAT! But please dont get your hopes up for him, he left you once and he may very well do it again

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    ok whatever you do dont ask him out yourself..wait till he does..just be physical like grab his hand or hug him maybe kiss on the cheek or close to the lips but not directly .something that will make him realize that hes got something good going for him and he needs to please you by taking you out or else youll bail on him...if he doesnt do it soon i say dont waste your time with him..hope i helped;)

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