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Do you agree with Ian Chappell, that Duminy is a great in the making?

"The young South African has shown he has the right stuff to take over from Ponting when the time comes"

Or is he jumping the gun too early?

Personally I would have to agree with Ian. Unlike others (eg Gambhir, Hughes, AB), Duminy bats with proper cricket shots and can addopt an agressive role like he has shown 3 days ago.

Those like Gambhir, AB, Hughes will probably turn out to be great cricketers but not the best like Ponting, Sachin and Lara were.


Lol Dan, forget about the Alien thing.

Update 2:

AB Deviliers

Update 3:

But Bond, if you remmember both Sachin and Ponting had a very inconsistent start to their careers, but once they matured, the consistency returned.

I think it's too early to tell.

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    Once dean Jones said about kamran akmal that he will be gr8est of the keepers of all time and he will end his career with 40+ averages in two forms:D..

    Greig said about afridi k hes the finest player (What the Hell)//

    so i want to inferred that Commentators just want to make excitement on and off the field.. they dont care about the player's caliber , they want to Open mouth as big as they could :D

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    Duminy may not reach the level of Brian Lara or Tendulkar but he could certainly become a great player in the future.

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    Duminy is above average player and cannot be compared with likes of Sachin Ponting and Lara anyway.

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    I was very impressed with him when SA last toured Australia. He got thrown in at the deep end and came out sparkling. He's got the goods, SA may now find him indispensable.

    Please excuse me whilst I now go and kick myself for agreeing with something that waffler Ian Chappell said.

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    having only played 6 tests I think its a bit too early to tell. Duminy also needs to increase his test strike rate if he is to be a great.

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    It's still early days yet. Give him a few series to get it together. he may well turn out to be one of the greats, but give him time.

    AB? Allan Border?

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    Good players are born everyday. But Legends are born once in several years.

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    Yes. He has the potential.

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    I doubt it, he is good but not a great.

    @BillP AB = AB DeVilliers i think.

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