Ideas For A Halloween Party?

I'm throwing a Halloween Party themed "A Thriller Nite." (maybe Hallow-rave...which is better?)

I have no idea what to serve. It is going to be pretty late and I dont want to spend that much money. (college kid here!) Basically, it should be cheap, quick, easy and enough for about 30 people.

Any other suggestions? Maybe a Mid-Nite movie? Should I only play themed music (although that might be a bit odd)?

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    1 decade ago
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    Ramen Noodles. Stick 'em in a bowl, and wait about 2 hours. They look like brains and take the shape of the bowl. Also, if you have a DVD player that plays things from Point A and Point B (Which my family's does), play "The Ring" and play only when it shows the video in the video. Some music:

    Thriller (Obviously XD) - Michael Jackson

    Haunted - Evanescence

    Witch Doctor - ???

    Monster Mash - ???

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    1 decade ago

    Consider a Halloween themed treasure hunt that can run throughout your event. Check out The Haunted Hunt has really great, professionally designed graphics and was developed by people who run scavenger and treasure hunts for a living. This one was meant to be hosted at an adult Halloween party. Have fun!

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    4 years ago

    before everything, track! I even have various hours worth of Halloween songs. They incorporate television tutor themes (Adams family contributors, Munsters), 'classics' (Monster Mash, Flying pink Ppl Eater), & some unpredicted ones (Black Magic lady, Witchcraft). I blend in sound outcomes between songs and it quite gadgets a temper. Decor; beautify the area with webs and skulls. purchase a dvd or video recreation with spooky outcomes. in case you are able to, block off a room and fill it with black lights. be sure you have a rocking table setup or ingredients. For ingredients i like the kitty container concept. i take advantage of vanilla granola and mini candy bars. Bake it approximately 5 minutes, purely long sufficient to soften the candy so it seems slightly runny and the granola sticks to it. cut back cheese sticks (Mozarella), make slices to look like knuckles, and use products of green pepper or sliced almonds as finger nails. Sliced apples drizzled with caramel. and of direction the customary chips & dips, veggie plates, etc. We continuously make trick or treating the middle interest yet once you dont have young ones theres continuously dress contest, movie marathons, and ingesting video games. have exciting!

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