Am I fooling myself or is a future possible?

So I was with this girl for 2 years, shes older than me but I see it as a non-issue and she knows this but she always brought it up. About a week ago we went on a break, she said it was completely unrelated to me and more about her life which she wants to change. She says she still loves me and all that.

This weekend she went up north to stay with a friend for a few days, something I was completely supportive of, I almost urged her to go. I didn't realize one of the reasons she went up was to get laid (to put it nicely)

She slept with a guy and plans on going back up next week. She came out right away with it. She says she still loves me and shes not sleeping with the guy because of any emotional reason but the age thing is a big problem (she just turned 40) and it's why she doesn't see a future with me. She used to see one with me before she turned 40.

Despite this, I still love her. And it hurts very much but I can't say anything to get her back right now. She wants me to go do the same so I can be happy too (though I'm not sure sleeping with some random girl would make me happy) and I agreed as long as she doesn't rule me out in the future. She said she won't.

I'm very much in love with her in every way and I think the only issue she has with me is the fact I'm younger than her. Am I just kidding myself thinking we might have a future one day?

Sorry for writing so much I just don't know what to do.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yeah, I think she has moved on already and there is no hope for the two of you. That's why she said go sleep with some other girl.

    Sorry man.

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