Why isn't the Star Trek Next Generation episodes on Hulu or YouTube like the Original Series?

For that matter, what is the argument that Paramount is using to keep off the other Star Trek series off the interwebs?

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    Short answer: contract negotiations with CBS and that show's actors have kept off ST:TNG (and the other Star Trek TV incarnations) off the internet streaming sites for now.

    BTW: since the break-up of Viacom several years ago, CBS has controlled the Star Trek TV series (as they now own the Paramount Television archive) output while Paramount kept the movies.

    [The original series' presence on the two sites you mention are fully licensed from CBS' syndication unit.]

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    I was not aware they weren't on there, but that's too bad. Star Trek is the greatest franchise ever created....that is until they came out with that Absurdly terrible rip off movie piece of crap, that ruined everything the franchise stood for....

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