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Girls: what random or not random things about the opposite sex turn you on?


okay i like:

-sharp jaw lines

-blue eyes

-big hands (like thick, big, guy hands. mmmm hahahaha)



-muscles (they dont have to be ones that show physically, but like he can easily pick you up or move something heavy or open that damn peanut butter jar)




more hot things:

-not too skinny (especially no too skinny of legs)

-the look on his face when he's confused

-eyes that smile when he smiles

-sweet, polite, gentleman

-when he touches my waist or lower back

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    opposite sex? ew nothing.

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    Nice muscular arms. Pretty skin tone. On the dark side.

    Pretty eyes.

    Baby face


    I usually love long hair. But short isnt a problem.

    No flabby flabby. Smile.

    But if i find a guy with an amazing personality i wont give a crap what he looks like once hes not a homeless looking guy.

    Personality is number one

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    1 decade ago

    six packs ><

    biceps!! toned and perfect, not too muscly with vains [eek]

    nice easy smile

    smiling eyes

    firm hands - clean, preferably

    the way he looks at you with half closed eyes and slightly gaping mouth [lol, don't ask]

    shoes, i like high tops on guys

    the way he suddenly goes pink at the sight of you - how cute :P

    i like lips like channing tatum. so cute!

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    4 years ago

    *GASP* OMG thank you!!!!!!! lolzz sorry for the outburst, yet im a guy, and that i cant STAND having my sleeves rolled down... my mom hates it. shes thinks i glance stupid. so thank you, its nice understanding not extremely everyone thinks i glance like a dork having my sleeves rolled up. lol. as for the different intercourse for me.. i admire.. women people who can tutor off cleavage, without looking slutty. i comprehend them. and want there have been greater of them. too many sluty twits walkin around in the present day. lolz. XD

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    ` defently abs are number 1 ! - oo la la , sexxii

    ` hairless arms and legs, lol .

    ` nice smile.

    ` muscles ( just like you, not too much )

    ` totally turns me on when they touch me.. lol. like my *** and stuff..

    ` hugs me a lot. ( i love it )

    ` non-skinny legs..

    ` brand name clothing ( if they wear brand name clothes, they will totally be noticed by me , =D )

    ` nice hair

    ` cute ears, ( i know totally wierd.. lol )

    ` aaanndd... nice eyebrows.

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    -clean,short fingernails

    -nice eyes

    -silky hair

    -nice forearms

    -fitted tshirts

    -broad shoulders

    -gorgeous smile

    -can cook a damn good meal

    -sense of humor

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    1 decade ago

    muscly arms :)

    a nice smile

    big shoulders

    and yup big hands too :)

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