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anyone agree with "let nature take its course" bird breeding wise?

in short: birds in an avairy, unexpectedly laid eggs and mate and all, and i dont want to interfere, they will follow instincts right?


if you are a breeder of budgies where do you keep them, in the wild? Just letting you know , i can see where you are coming from but the budgies i have are from petstores, and how big are the cages there? -tiny. so i always buy the small and sick looking ones to make sure they get looked after better. (my avairy is 5.6 by 8.3 metres)

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    If nature was to take its course, those birds would not be locked in an aviary. By putting them in a cage or aviary we change all conditions that would happen in nature...they cannot select their own partners from a wider range of birds, they cannot escape troublemakers in the aviary, they cannot evade territorial issues and fights, they cannot raise their babies in peace as others will want their nestboxes and fight for them, they cannot select food specific to their daily requirements ( including insects and meat for protein ).

    All things change, so no longer is there a "nature taking its course" situation. There is a kind of heirarchy within certain boundaries and constraints imposed by us ( you ) as the keeper of the aviary.

    Source(s): I own over 300 show budgies and have bred thousands of chicks. I am administrator of two budgie forums I own parrots, finches and canaries. I am a member of 3 exhibition budgerigar clubs. Ex vet nurse
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