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what would you do in my situation? i was looking through the pantry of our house, trying to find some food, and jokingly complaining about how i might die of swine flu. my dad pipes in and says "before you die can you pay off your car"(so that he isn't stuck with the payment after im gone). i retaliated by flicking him off.

later that day he freaks out about what happened and told me im disrespectful and need an attitude change and that im a horrible person. i asked him what he thought was going 2 happen when he said that.

should i have done anything would you have handled the situation??


im REALLY REALLY sick right now also and feel like i have the flu... and im zombied out on cough syrup. it SUCKS!

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    first of all you shouldnt have flipped off your dad

    second your not even going to die of swine flu, i had it and its not bad so you can just chill

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    I hate to disagree with you, but I don't think it's appropriate to flick off your dad, unless you guys have that kind of relationship. From your story, it sounds like he was making a joke, and you kinda took him too seriously. If I were you, I would've replied with a joke about making sure it is not paid off before you die, just so he'll have something to remember you by. I don't think you're a horrible person though :)

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    you should have done nothing differently if you two were just playing around then that means he cant take a joke and that he needs to get a life and that you should just stop kidding around with him if he is going to end up acting like that

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    should have said like... " dad.. thats not funny" but just go up to him and talk to him and tell him thats you just didnt find it funny and it was not okay for him to say that.

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