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How do I deal with a dog that has separation anxiety and urinates and poops in his cage? I'm at my wits end...?

I have a dog with severe separation anxiety that pees/poops all over his kennel when I'm gone. He goes out plenty, so that's not the issue. How do I deal with this? I'm at my wits end!

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    Contact and hire a trainer to teach you how to help him cope. You have to leave in baby steps. Teach him you will be back, and you also need to learn what helps calm him. There are many techniques you can research. Every dog is a little different so there is not a cure all. A training or behaviorist will be able to evaluate your dog and set up a training course to fit you both. In the mean time try doggy day care.

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    Once again, regardless of 'having to work', adult dogs should not be left alone, especially crated, for more than 4 hours in a 24 hour period on a regular basis. As has been said here, this is why so many dogs end up with behavioural problems. Okay, most will 'tolerate' this sort of a solitary life, but dogs are social animals, and condemning them to being left on their own for so long isn't the life I want for my dogs!! Okay, circumstances can mean this has to happen, and obviously keeping them like this is preferable to having to think about rehoming them (been there, temporarily) but it makes me weep to read of all the dogs, these days, who are being brought into this sort of situation deliberately. I know it's more and more necessary for people to be working full time these days, but in that case, surely more thought should be given to whether it's fair on the dog/puppy, to be having them in the first place. Cats cope with living a solitary life, in the main, dogs don't. I didn't have a dog until I could (afford to) give them the life I feel all dogs deserve. I'm not placing all the blame on owners here - I'm shocked at the fact so many breeders are willing to send their puppies into this situation. I didn't - or at least I made certain arrangements were being made for somebody to come in during the 8 hours, to be with the puppies I sold.

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    Consult your veterinarian re tranquilizers and a referral to an experienced trainer.

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    Ditch the dog and send him somewhere for discipline.

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