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will my dog be jelous?

ok here is the think i have a 8 year old lab [black] male and i thinking of getting a female lab i saw at the pound 6-7 years old will they fight by the way my male is gentle as fly

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    If you have a well trained and balanced dog. No, he will not be jealous. Since you are asking this question i am thinking this is not the case!

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    You'll have to supervise for the first week or so. They are different genders so they shouldn't fight, especially if your male is gentle (though I would check that they get on before you adopt her- in case she has some aggression issues

  • Rick
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    1 decade ago

    When you bring a new pet into your home, the two will have to work it out between themselves. No matter how slowly or quickly you try to introduce them to each other, there's bound to be a bit of snapping, growling, etc. It's normal. They have to work out for themselves who is who.

    As for jealousy, don't worry. As long as both know you love them, they'll love you back!!

    Good luck!

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    Most shelters will approve a meet-and-greet for your dog and theirs before they approve the adoption.

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