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I have a very old filling that started hurting?

I am in extreme pain and am wondering if anyone else has had this? Its a very old metal filling that hurts when air or liquid touch it or when I bite down.(a sharp shooting pain) Can anyone give an idea of what it might be? I do not have dental insurance does anyone know of a dentist that will allow a payment plan? Not a dental credit card which I wont be approved for. Please help... I am in soooo much pain.

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    sibi's answer is the perfect answer u would receive about relieving ur pain

    about payment & dental credit card: so hard to solve it but u should visit any dentist as soon as possible what ever his way of dealing ..payment plain or card shouldn't matter ...the dentist shouldn't refuse treating u for that reason...because ur case is an emergency case , & should be treated quickly....


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    take a xray(periapical view) in relation to that teeth.

    sometimes the arrested caries which remained beneath your metal filling would have become active and progressed inside and involved pulp.

    in this case the filling has to be removed and root canal treatment has to be done.

    you can take analgesics for symptomatic relief(only gives relief for few hours).specific treatment directed towards that teeth only will give you permanent relief.

    so consult a dentist as soon as possible.

    get it done

    good luck

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