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Why do most americans seem to like ugg boots?

i said MOST not ALL

i'm australian. we invented them. and the only time people wear them is in winter in the evening before they go to bed. And even then most people won't admit it.

so why do people actually go out in public wearing them in the states?


are you serious, they cost 70-100$ over there?????

crap, you guys are being ripped off too.. you can buy genuine uggs, for no more than 50$ here (that is like 45$ american)

Update 2:

you ARE being ripped off.

The most expensive I've seen uggs go for over here is 100AU$/90US$

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    I wish I knew. I've been trying to figure that out for ages. They look awful. D:

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    im an American, From New York! i <33 Uggs there cute! and we r not getting ripped off, 70$ 4 uggs r a great deal 4 over here. Atleast im not like my friends who get 2 new pairs a year,luckies. i get a new pair every 2 years.

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    No one really wears them where I live any more I don't know why that was such a big thing. I live in washington it is cold and wet here most the time. I sold uggs in a store, I couldn't believe how many people would buy a 70 to 100 dollar pair of shoes just to wear them out in the rain.

    stupid if u ask me.

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    Not only americans i went to Vancouver, Bc in canada last winter and everyone wore uggs everyone.People wear them because they r comfortable but still expensive. If they wear cheap no one would buy them. Seriously everyone in my school has them i have to admit i have tall balck ones and short pink ones. They are so comfortable though, i can't help myself.But i do think that people need to wear them there own way like don't buy the samw colour as everyone else or the same style. Like i was the second one in my class to get a pair and mine were high black no one wanted high one until i got them so it is kinda annoying but whatever.

    they are like 150-400$ when i was in Vancouver i couldn't believer it but here in LA it is only 150-350$ still very expensive

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    I know, right? That is so weird. Like some people would wear shorts and then wear ugg boots. I mean, like, that is pointless. Haha. I think that people like to wear them because they just want to fit in with the people who are wearing them.

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    because over in california everyone has to own 200$ true religions, 100$ juicy sweaters and the famous ugg boots (:

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    It's a fad. The celebrities wore them and people took it as a must-have.

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    Uggs. Are. Uggly.

    Plus, aren't they made with sheep skin or something like that? No thanks, I don't support any cruelty to animals. :-)

    Yes, that includes leather.

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    idk, im from the states but i dont really like them, i think its something people wear to fit in

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