I cant tell if im bi or not?

I feel weird asking this but how can i tell if im bi or not ?

Ok so im wondering this because i like boys alot but i cant tell if im attracted to my good friend who is also a girl. I like her a little bit like i think shes kinda cute but its hard to tell.

Just wanting some advice from others.


I cant tell if im sexually attracted maybe a little bit and wen i say a little bit i mean just a tiny bit.

Ps i know wat bi means

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    Okay... if you stare at girls, that doesn't make you bi. Even if you think girls are cute, that alone doesn't make you bi. Are you sexually attracted to girls? Would you want to kiss them or even have sex with them? If the answer is yes, then you're probably bi. Basically, bi = attracted to both sexes (sexually)

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    You didn't say if you where sexually attracted ,,, Im gay and Im attracted to beautiful women but not sexually interested in them,, So that does not make me bi...

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    you could be i thats how i started out and im bi

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  • 1 decade ago

    u might be bi

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