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i broke my femur this year in football im a freshman in highschool should i play next year?

Im a little freaked out about playing but i know i can do it. I just want to know what everyone else thinks. Also my athletic trainer at my school is amazing so i feel a little better because of that.

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    I say play. When I was a freshman I broke my leg in the middle of the season. Granted it was my tibia, not my femur, but it was still a severe injury. Because of it I had to sit the basketball season out and got better just in time to start track. I came back the next year and started on Varsity as a sophomore. It really didn't give me any problems. When mine broke, I had to have surgery do dislodge the bottom of my tibia from my growth plate and when it healed my doctor told me that a healed broken bone like my leg would be stronger than it was before because it was fresher bone cells. Think of it as welding two metal bars together. If you can get over the fear of breaking it again, and it is a total FREAK accident for someone to actually break their femur in football...I feel for you, then you should definitely play. I too had an absolutely amazing athletic trainer at my school, she was actually my aunt. She helped me rehab my leg and get me back to full strength. If your trainer is what you say they are, you should have no problems getting back onto the field. Good luck and have a safe recovery.

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    If you are scared, select another recreation. Theres constantly gonna be a few massive *** white boys which are gonna wanna pound you into the ground if you are a QB. And theres constantly gonna be a few faster receivers who're gonna wanna run you over, or knock you out of the way in which. Maybe play football? If you are gonna stick with soccer, i would say DB. Since you are a fumbler, you can certainly not be performed, you are unreliable. If you are gonna drop a ball, a minimum of make it a swatted ball as DB. Everyone has an arm, and simplest the only a few with excelled management capabilities will make it as a quarterback. How to give up being affraid of being tackled? Get tackled. How to give up being affraid of tackling? Tackle your peers, relocating gadgets, play take on soccer along with your peers. A well excercise that cant fail is sprints. Find a location in which you'll be able to run that there isnt a grip of humans. Take a track participant (mp3, cd, and so on.) and dash it as soon as. Then assess in which the track stopped while you reached the tip, restart it, and run again with the track. Gradually you'll listen much less and no more of the track as you achieve the tip. Also do a little walking backwards, seeing that you can be doing that for a at the same time. Practice your turns, cuts, and spin-outs and also you will have to be quality.

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    For playing football, broken bones are actually not as bad as ligament injuries.

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    if your cautious don't play

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